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Dirk van Straalen

Dirk van Straalen

Dirk van Straalen has lived all over the Far East, as well as in East Africa, where he has always been sailing on his own yachts as well as with others.

Dirk has resided in the Far East since 1972, when he relocated for his career in print media. In 2006, Dirk moved to Subic Bay in the Philippines, where he started Subic Bay Yacht Services Inc., a company catering to the yachting industry.

Dirk operated as an independent yacht broker and charter broker in the Subic Bay and Manila areas from 2006 to 2012, acting on behalf of both buyers and seller in the region, as well as acting as charter broker for yachts based in the area, such as M/Y SALILA and M/Y LADY HOO. In 2012, Dirk joined Northrop & Johnson as a yacht broker in the Philippines.

Dirk has spent a great deal of his life on the water sailing his own yachts, and others, throughout the Far East and eastern Africa.

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