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Northrop & Johnson Asia | Yacht Sales & Charters In Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand.

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About Charter

The ultimate in luxury vacations, your charter holiday can be tailored to your every want and desire. From  type and size of your dream yacht, to location, activities, menu and more: we design your perfect escape to the most intricate detail.

Northrop & Johnson’s knowledgeable charter brokers will help you to select a fabulous  megayacht charter wherever you would you like to go.

If you’ve not been to Asia yet, you will be astounded by the variety of safe and beautiful cruising destinations such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the remote Andaman Islands, Coron Island of Philippines or the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar. Exotic experiences, cultures and delicious foods await you.

Or would you like to visit the southern Islands of the Caribbean perhaps? With the wind in your sails, or cruising along on a motor yacht, you can relax on board while going between delightful anchorages. Enjoy fine meals your onboard, five-star chef has created from the local, daily catch. Or perhaps your dream yacht charter would be visiting some of the Mediterranean’s most glamorous ports, while you sip champagne in Monaco and enjoy evenings ashore at the world’s most exclusive bars and restaurants.

No matter what you would like, Northrop & Johnson’s charter brokers will find you several options for charter and your dream yacht vacation will create a one-of-a-kind experience, forever to be treasured.