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Chartering A Yacht

Upon arriving at the decision to charter a yacht, there really isn’t much else to do than call or email a Northrop & Johnson charter broker.

Our extremely skilled and helpful brokers will take you from the inception of the idea to the moment you step foot on your five-star floating palace. With the ability to discern which superyacht charter would best suit your needs, Northrop & Johnson’s world-class charter brokers will easily take you from point A to point Z. Once our brokers get to know you and what you’re looking for; they are able to discuss with you any questions or concerns and can provide you with the most up-to-date information on locales and yachts to most effectively assist you.

When choosing yachts for charter, the first decision you will have to make is what size party do you wish to accommodate and on what type of vessel. Next, you will need to choose the location. The global fleet of yachts offers every type of vessel you could imagine. Your charter broker will assist you with choosing the correct location for you.

Once you have decided on yacht type and location, your broker will discuss different vessels within those parameters. Various considerations are amenities, activities, crew and more.

Northrop & Johnson’s charter brokers have years of experience paring charterers with their perfect vacation vessel.

Steps to choosing your perfect charter

  1. Contact a Northrop & Johnson broker and discuss with him or her all of your wants, needs and concerns. Our brokers will be able to provide you with guidance, support and the correct information to assist you in your choice.
  2. Your broker will help you peruse the global yacht fleet in order to choose between the yachts for charter to decide which best suits your needs.
  3. Once you have made your decision, our broker will send you all of the necessary paperwork to secure your megayacht charter vacation and will assist you in the process.
  4. Your Northrop & Johnson charter broker will contact the captain of the vessel and they together will help arrange every detail of your charter from special needs and requests to favorite foods and more to ensure you and your guests enjoy a bespoke charter experience, with memories to last a lifetime.

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