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What To Expect

Fiji has 332 islands spread over an area no bigger than Nevada. It also is home to the third longest barrier reef in the world, which creates a semi circle around the north Fijian Islands and has been declared a whale sanctuary to protect migratory species. The western part of the reef has three world-class surf breaks, including Cloudbreak — the best known. Cloudbreak is close by is Cloud 9 - a floating restaurant and bar, and a popular place to be seen. The reef provides good protection from the ocean swell for most of its length, making it an ideal place to visit during a Fiji luxury yacht charter.

Fiji’s three main islands comprise the Lau Group to the south, which is mainly volcanic peaks and craters with barrier reefs and around 15 islands with good anchorages, very remote cruising; the Lomaviti Group, which is located in the east and is popular for divers to see the soft corals. During your Fiji yacht charter, visit Ovalau Island, the old capital of Fiji. The third is the Mamanuca and Yasawa groups to the north. The latter is easily accessed from the Nadi International Airport and is a mainstay of charter yachts in Fiji.

The main island Viti Levu with its capital Suva has a Western feel and luxury hotels that dot the coastline. Just a few miles away, the outer islands are traditional in nature; this is where Fijian cul-ture has endured for centuries. The villages in the Yasawa group have no running water and often are without electricity. Village life is traditional with a chief and his council overseeing village affairs.

Customs and cultural etiquette play a strong role with lavish ceremonies for weddings and chiefly appointments. Visitors to outer islands are required to seek the permission of the chief to access the area by presenting a sevusevu, or gift of kava — often this ceremony is accompanied with a meke, or traditional dancing, much like the war dance passed on down through the ages. Known globally as the friendliest people in the world, the Fijians will invite you to their villages to show you the church and their homes and share with you whatever they have. It is a great way to experience Fijian lifestyle first hand during a Fiji yacht charter.

The outer islands are not developed and anchorages are seldom shared with other yacht charters. The palm-fringed beaches are deserted and, in most cases, you will be the only one walking on the white sand. With crystal-clear water and abundant reef systems, the snorkelling and diving are stunning.


• The blue lagoon of the Brooke Shields film “Blue Lagoon” fame is found here and offers beautiful palm-fringed beaches and fields of coral.
• Visit Sewa I Lau caves to swim and snorkel through the caverns, even duck dive through to the inner cave.
• The 99-year beach of northern Yasawa Island has sand so fine it’s said to take 99 years to get it out of ones hair.
• Snorkeling with gentle giants at the manta ray breeding ground.
• The stunning beach on Monriki Island is of “Castaway” movie fame.
• Visit Malolo Atoll and its ocean sand bars and boutique resorts ashore.
• Cloud 9 is amazing floating bar/restaurant next to Cloudbreak, the world’s best surf break.