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What To Expect

Malaysia is fast becoming one of the world’s most exciting playgrounds for yachts. This mysterious land of ancient Malay warriors is surrounded by tropical islands and teems with indigenous tribes and exotic wildlife. The country has superb facilities for super yachts with marinas dotted all along the western peninsula coastline. Malaysia offers the adventure cruiser two very different experiences; the mainland peninsula on the west, with excellent yachting facilities, is more popular with the yachting community. For exotic sights cruise into the country’s first inner-city marina and see some of South East Asia’s finest temples in the historical city of Penang. Or for a touch of paradise, choose your favourite from the 99 stunning islands which make up the Langkawi Archipelago that rises from the glittering Andaman Sea.

The West Coast Peninsular’s largest island, Langkawi - with three excellent marinas, is an isle of contrasts. Five-star hotels line fabulous beaches while its countryside rises steep and mountainous above green rice paddies that are dotted with grazing water buffalo. Drop your anchor on the East Coast of the Peninsular and spend a few days at the magical, jungle-clad scuba diving haven of Tioman Island where you can swim with turtles straight off the jetty and see monkeys and iguanas on your morning stroll to the beach. But for an entirely different experience, the island of Borneo on the east offers excitement, challenge and adventure.

Divided between Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, Malaysia’s part of Borneo, called Eastern Malaysia, has three well situated marinas offering easy access to an unexplored land filled with indigenous tribes, virgin rainforests and unexplored valleys deep within the heart of Borneo. This is also the world’s last remaining natural habitat for the Bornean Orangutan as well as being an important refuge for the Asian Elephant, the Sumatran Rhinoceros and the Bornean Clouded Leopard. And if you are looking to lose the shore, you have stumbled upon the country’s best dives sites.

The eastern Malaysian island of Sipadan, once raved about by the deep-sea explorer, Jacques Cousteau, was recently voted top dive destination in the world by an international scuba dive magazine. Everywhere you turn you’ll see turtles munching on the sponges and algae, or lazing on the sea wall ledges and this is the place for big fish encounters. The 2000-metre deep waters surrounding Sipadan are host to the international big game fishing tournament. Giant Tuna, Barracuda’s and Black Marlins, weighing up to 40kgs, can be hunted till your hearts content. Yacht Charter Malaysia – Country Fact File Population 25 million (60 per cent Muslim, the rest are made up of Buddhists, Christians, Hindu and others) Language: Bahasa Maalaysia (official), English, Chinese, Tamil. In East Malaysia there are several indigenous languages; most widely spoken are Iban and Kadazan. Weather /When to go: West Coast – Nov to April, East Coast – Jun to SeptCurrency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) divided into 100 senAttraction: Malaysia offers the super yacht traveler two distinct experiences; the mainland peninsula on the west and the island of Borneo (Eastern Malaysia) on the east. The mainland peninsula’s virtually uninhabited volcanic islands, the ancient city of Penang and magical Tioman Island, part of an archipelago of 60 islands, which makes it more popular with cruising boats. Eastern Malaysia, however, offers excitement and hardship to the adventure traveler.


• Cruise to Sipadan - rated one of the top five diving destinations in the world where you'll catch a glimpse of sea turtles and colourful marine life.
• Spend majority of tour time cruising the Langkawi Archipelago where you will find a plethora of 5 star hotels and three premium yacht club and marinas.
• Stretch your sea legs by stepping onto Borneo land to visit the Bornean Orangutan - this islands most protected creature.