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What To Expect

In our rapidly shrinking world, the opportunity to cruise through largely unchartered waters from one quiet paradise to the next is a rare privilege that adventurers and lovers of nature will truly appreciate. One such place that is inching onto the yachting radar is Burma, or Myanmar in South-East Asia. Only open to visitors for about 15 years, the recent thawing of relations with the outside world means that Myanmar is really coming into its own as a luxury yacht charter destination.

The Mergui Peninsular in particular offers outstanding luxury yacht charter possibilities, with 800 islands, palmfringed beaches and spectacular diving and wildlife. Steady moderate winds in December to February allow for wonderful sailing, while March and April have less wind and therefore clearer calm waters, perfect for snorkelling and long lazy days on the water.

In this unspoilt, remote region you can island-hop for weeks, seeing barely a soul and connecting with nature and the steady rhythm of the equatorial days. Fish, dive, hike through the jungle, the chatter of monkeys above. Sit on deck and watch dolphins jump in the wake under a setting sun as the yacht cruises to its next perfect anchorage.

Go ashore for beautiful beach barbeques set up with lanterns and white tablecloths under the stars. Get the chef to bake whole fish in the coals with ginger, chilli and soy, while you sit with a glass of crisp white wine and your feet in the soft sand, coconut palms bending down to the moonlit water.

Wake up early to dive off the aft deck into warm crystal waters, and swim ashore to walk along the perfect sands or snorkel among the tropical fish hiding in the coral. Throw so-phisticated cocktail parties for friends on the sundeck or drink champagne in the Jacuzzi while watching a movie with your family and listening to the water lap at the side of the boat. Also, make sure to visit a village of the ‘sea gypsies’, the native Moken people who live off the sea, bartering in fish and sea cucumber caught from the dugout canoes they have been making for tens of thousands of years.
This is pure, unspoilt cruising, the perfect antidote to a busy life.

Of course, the Mergui Peninsula is only one part of beautiful Myanmar, while the stun-ning islands and party vibes of Thailand are just across the border and Malaysia and Singapore is not far away. Myanmar will soon be a regular part of the Asian yacht charter circuit.


• Explore this remove region by Island-hopping for at least five days. Anchor in calm, secluded bays and enjoy dining alfresco as you watch the glorious sunset.
• Enjoying a five star dining experience on shore is a must ! Have your on board chef prepare a fresh seafood inspired tasting menu as you enjoy the sounds of waves rolling in the background.
• With a plethora of exotic fish swarming these waters, be sure to enjoy a day snorkelling the coastline of this underwater paradise.