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What To Expect

Bound by the Pacific Ocean, the Bashi Channel and the Sulu and Celebes Seas are 7,000 islands of the Philippines archipelago that are ripe for exploration. From the jungle-clad mountains to the stunning azure seas washing sandy coastlines, there is much to see.

The Philippines boast a diverse reef system, offering dive aficionados ample opportunity to explore below the waterline. Yapak on Boracay is home to a deep wall that begins at 30-meters below and plunges to the depths. Here you’ll spot white-tip and grey reef sharks on watch and manta and ea-gles sailing the seas. If wreck diving is your speed, Morazan Maru can be found 25 meters below the surface off Coron Bay, Palawan. Now covered in various types of corals, many fish and turtles roam the wreck. Water temperatures in the Philippines range from 73 to 86 degrees and visibility can range from five to 45 meter at points, ensuring a fabulous dive every time.

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has everything you’d expect from a capital city. This constantly buzzing urban jungle is home to an array of restaurants and party spots. From dance-the-night-away clubs to chilled-out lounges, there is something here to suit anyone’s fancy during a Philippines yacht charter.

To some, Boracay is one of the world’s best islands. The driven white-sand beaches are illuminated with pristine translucent seas that tranquilly wash the shores. Here, too, you can find either hard-partying beach crowds or peaceful, desolate sands, not spying another soul for miles. Watersports here are a must. Enjoy the yacht’s kayaks or water skis or simply enjoy a sunset champagne tender cruise of the islands breathtaking scenery. Palawan is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Tubbathaha Reef National Park and the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, which — as its name would suggest — runs under ground, encompassed by a limestone landscape. Take a tender through to admire the beauty. The beaches here are pristine and there is much to explore, such as the Tabon Caves, which boast rugged cliffs and deep slopes with exceptional views.


• The Philippines is classified as one of the best regions to scuba dive in the world - with a large part it protected. Spend a few days at the Tubbatha Reef National Park within the Sulu Sea which is home to the giant Sea Turtle.
• Food in the Philippines can be described as a blend of Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine. Have your on board chef prepare an authentic meal ashore as you watch the burning Philippines sun-set.
• Boracay is home to some of the best nightlife in The Philippines - head here for a vibrant night out!

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