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What To Expect

One hundred and fifteen otherworldly granite and coral islands lie off the coast of Africa in the West Indian Ocean. The older 41 Inner islands of the Seychelles were formed from granite and the 74 Outer low-lying coral atolls and reefs are again divided into five groups. All of the islands of the Seychelles are stunning in their own right and are perfect cruising grounds for a Seychelles yacht charter.

Mahe is the largest of the Inner islands and is home to the majority of the Seychelles’ population. Granite peaks tower 1,000 meters above the beautiful forests and white-sand beaches of this island. Here you will find unique flora and fauna unlike you have ever seen. Explore the lush jungles in pursuit of the Jellyfish Tree, carnivorous Seychelles Pincher Plant and the Seychelles Vanilla Orchid. Mahe is home to the capital of the Seychelle’s, Victoria. One of the globes smallest capital cities, Victoria is metropolitain in its own right. The clock tower in the city center is vaguely of Big Ben and there are many local art galleries and craft markets to visit for local goods during your Seychelles yacht charter.

Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette are the Seychelle’s other most-visited isles, each featuring incredi-ble beachside granite formations, among other attractions. The rest of the Seychelles islands remain relatively untouched. The pristine cruising grounds are the perfect place for private barbecues ashore, isolated sunning and diving and snorkeling. A Seychelles yacht charter offers relaxation in a secluded, beautiful natural setting, unlike any you’ll find the world around.


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