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Solomon Islands

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What To Expect

Home to one of the largest and most breathtaking atolls on earth, the Solomon Islands flourish with incredible sights and actions. Waterfalls and volcanic peaks stand tall over lush flora and fauna and below the waterline the saltwater Marovo Lagoon is the world’s largest and is home to an impressive myriad of sea life.

Here, three South Pacific cultural groups merge, creating an incredible melting pot as Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian cultures live side-by-side, each offering a unique society and rich heritage. Traditional customs and strong family ties continue to hold great importance in the Solomon Islands. Experience these virtues first hand during your Solomon Islands yacht charter.

This island nation is not only steeped in culture, but history here abounds. The Solomon Islands played and integral role in the Second World War. Some of the most intense and harshest battles were fought on Solomon shores. Honiara and various other islands play host to relics from this legendary war.

The reef barrier island Uepi is shrouded with lush, tropical rainforests and fringed by stunning reefs. Here, beautiful beaches lapped by the warm ocean waters can be found, as well as a deep abyss known as ‘The Slot,’ which carves into the see floor some 2,000 meters. One resort sits on this remote isle marked with hiking trails. Off shore, discover the Marovo Lagoon. The world’s longest saltwater lagoon, Marovo is protected by stunning reefs featuring a wide array of sea life.

Ripe for exploration, Marovo is a one of a kind place to explore below the waterline during a Solomon Islands yacht charter.


• Enjoy a historical excursion to Guadalcanal, a WWII battleground.
• Visit the botanical gardens and Chinatown - dine at Club Havanah - in Honiara while on Guadalcanal.
• Dive off the coast of Gizo or Munda for incredible underwater sights.
• Enjoy a sunset walk of the Langa Langa Lagoon.
• Visit a tradition ‘bush' village of Kwaio for a true Solomon Islands experience.

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