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What To Expect

Phuket pronounced (roughly) ‘pu-ged', is Thailand's largest island. Located approximately 862km’s south of Bangkok. It is 48km in length, 21km at its widest, and is in Southern Thailand, on the west-facing Andaman Sea coastline, suspended from the southern tip of Phang Nga Province by a pair of short but substantial road bridges. Phuket governance is divided into 3 districts, called ‘Amphur’ they are Amphur Muang, Amphur Thalang and Amphur Kathu.

Phuket has a lot more to offer its visitors other than just its natural heritage of sea, sand, sky, beach, forest and world renowned charter sites. Phuket is an outdoor paradise, with plenty to keep the adventurous and nature-loving amused year round. Of course, everyone is naturally drawn to the sea, not just for its beauty, but also for the range of fun activities it presents. But although the most sung about activities centre around the beautiful turquoise waters of her picture-perfect shores, there are many exciting and rewarding experiences to be had inland as well. Fishing, scuba diving, water skiing, swimming, snorkelling, canoeing and much more to enjoy with group of friends, family and etc. For seafood lovers, there is a lot more to sample than just Phuket's famous Lobster. In addition, at Phuket town, the Sino-Portuguese architecture casts its spell delighting travellers to the city, while Phuket-style hospitality has never failed to impress visitors from all walks of life. Altogether these characteristics have made this island a truly unique destination.

Get to know more about the island paradise of Phuket before you are booking flights to Thailand for you and your family. It is essential that you have information on the area as this will allow you to weigh your options when you arrive in Phuket, including what accommodations to book, places to eat delicious Thai cuisine, and sights and activities you may want to experience during your stay on this beautiful island paradise.


• As the largest island in Thailand, exploring the land by yacht is the best way to understand the enormity of its circumference - so anchors up and ahoy!
• Water sports here are incredibly popular due to the dense marine environment so park yourself in a secluded bay and enjoy the aquatic life performance.
• Stretch your sea legs by heading to Old Phuket Town for the best authentic This food on the island.