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What To Expect

Eastern and Western culture, old-world and new world heritage and more meet, mix and flourish in a country that bestrides civilizations. From Turkey’s stunning Turquoise Coast to the captivating magnetism of Istanbul, this nation truly is a gem of the Eastern Mediterranean and a fascinating place for a luxury yacht charter.

Sights and sounds abound as you enter a Turkish market in Istanbul — the colors and smells forever engrained in your memory. These are the once-of-a-lifetime thoughts reminiscent of a Turkey yacht charter. Roam the streets lined with Byzantine churches and impressive mosques. Don’t dare leaving the city without indulging in one of its culinary treasures, a doner — lamb kabab. The spices and seasonings will keep you craving more long after you’ve left. For the ultimate in relaxation, step into a traditional Turkish Hammam, with its ritualistic warm, cleansing waters.

Ephesus, an ancient Greek city now within the boundaries of Turkey, is home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Built and re-built three times, the Temple’s ruins are immersed in antiquity.

Known as “the Land of Eternal Blue,” Bodrum boasts stunning vistas and ancient ruins. Anchor in the ever-stunning bay of Muğla during your Turkish yacht charter for access to all the dream-like locale can offer. Spend an afternoon shopping in the lavish coastal town of Türkbükü, becoming increasingly popular with Western visitors due to its immoderate hotels and restaurants.

Spend some time exploring the hidden coves and turquoise waters of Göçek. Bordered by impressive pines, you’ll find a bay known as Cleopatra’s Baths. The southwestern section of the bay features ancient ruins that toppled during earthquakes in Fethiye. Legend says that Cleopatra herself bathed here and the secret to her beauty can be found in the water. The village is home to a host of local shops and bazars with unique goods and crafts and souvenirs to evoke recollections of your Turkey luxury yacht charter.


• Bathe in Cleaopatra's Baths in Fethiye.
• Hunt for a Turkish rug in Istanbul Bazaar.
• Spend a relaxing afternoon in a traditional hammam in Bodrum.
• Enjoy the sun and sand at Gundogan Beach.
• Visit Ephesus and explore the Temple of Artemis.

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