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Southeast Asia

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What To Expect

Exotic and intriguing, the region of Southeast Asia is steeped in beautiful history and tradition and brims with tropical climates, stunning landscapes and ancient wonders. A longtime favorite of adventure seeking travelers, there are beautiful beaches for relaxation, lush jungles for exploration and exotic spices to dine on as you cruise Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Marvel over the unspoiled, deserted beaches of Thailand during your Southeast Asia yacht charter. Lying on the coast of the Andaman Sea in the Gulf of Thailand, this beautiful nation has long been a hot spot for the jetset due to the exotic foods, tropical locale, stunning beaches and the extremely friendly Zen-like culture. The renowned city of Bangkok is the capital, but Thailand’s offshore islands, such as Phuket, are true paradise.

Heavily influence by China and Confucianism, Vietnam is a beautiful coastal city with a sorted history. From colonialism to revolutions, there once was much turmoil here, but the country has found peace and you will her as well during a Southeast Asia yacht charter of Vietnam. Striking views can be found at every turn and incredible, flavorful culinary delights are on order here as you peruse ancient temples and local marketplaces found in the lively cities throughout.

A former British colony, Singapore has thrived since its inception in 1819, boasting one of the world’s busiest ports. Sophisticated and urban, you will find five-star boutique hotels, high-end shopping and incredible cuisine on this island nation during your Southeast Asia yacht charter. Casinos also are on offer for those hoping to conjure the luck of the Chinese dragon. A melting pot culture offers various sections of the city from Little India to Chinatown; intricate and stunning temples from Buddhist, Taoist, Hindi and other traditions are worth a look.

Cruise the more than 7,000 that form the Philippines during a Southeast Asia yacht charter. From the jungle-clad mountains to the stunning azure seas washing sandy coastlines, there is much to see. The influence Spain can still be seen in this former colony, one of the most Christian nations in Asia. Colonial architecture is in stark juxtaposition to the beautiful nature that abounds.

Though one of the most populated nations in the world, spread over more than 18,100 islands, it is possible to find serene isolation while cruising Indonesia. The archipelago offers incredible islands with beautiful white-sand beaches and crystalline waters. One of the world’s renowned island destinations, Bali offers high-end resorts and restaurants in the most pristine, incredible locale.