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Design & Build Process

There are five main stages of a new build project and a Northrop & Johnson broker will be with you through each to assure your build is on time and on budget.

  1. Step one – Reconnaissance and research
    The first step to a custom yachts project is deciding what you like and what kind of yacht will best suit your needs. Your Northrop & Johnson broker will discuss with you preferences and requirements to best decide what would be exactly right for you. At the same time, your broker will be liaising with various yards and yacht manufacturers, legal advisors, surveyors, captains and managers to bring together the correct team for your new build project.
  2. Step two – Design
    After you have decided on the type of yacht, it is time to choose a designer who will turn your vision into a reality. If you do not have a designer in mind, your Northrop & Johnson broker will put you in touch with a number of contacts sure to suit your needs. Your broker will facilitate meetings in order for you to choose the best designer for the project. Then, along with professional legal assistance, papers will be drawn up and the design process will begin. Throughout the entire process, your Northrop & Johnson broker will be in contact with the designer to ensure all is proceeding according to plan.
  3. Step three – Shipyard
    Just as you choose a designer, you also will choose yacht manufacturer at which to build the yacht. Your Northrop & Johnson broker will help you reach your decision thanks to an immense amount of knowledge, experience and working relationships with various yards. Once you have chosen a yard, your broker and legal counsel will facilitate negotiations to assure you receive the best value, as well as a timely build schedule. Everything from specifications, regulations, warranties, payment and so on should be decided before you sign contracts with the yacht. Your Northrop & Johnson broker will be on hand to facilitate all of these on your behalf.
  4. Step four – Construction and management
    Once the contracts have been signed, the build will begin. Your Northrop & Johnson broker will play an integral role during the build to mediate between various parties involved, such as captains, project managers, the yacht manufacturers and so on. The broker will keep you informed as the build progresses. Your Northrop & Johnson broker will be on hand to handle issues that may arise to keep your interests first during the build process.
  5. Step five – Delivery
    Once the build is completed, your Northrop & Johnson broker will see to it that all of the points and specifications of the contract have been met. The final stage of the build involves testing the vessel and holding sea trials to ensure the yacht is ready for use; your Northrop & Johnson broker will facilitate these tests and trials to ensure the vessel is in top form. After delivery, your Northrop & Johnson broker will liaise with the shipyard for warranty issues and all support needed as you take your newly realized dream to sea.